“I could never say enough about how wonderful Montessori School of Syracuse (MSS) has been for our boys. We actually tried our oldest in the public kindergarten at the beginning of this past school year and switched him back to Montessori School of Syracuse after a week. Both our boys are confident, kind self-directed learners and for that we give so much credit to MSS and the amazing people who dedicate so much of themselves to our children.”

Liz E., MSS Parent

“All three of our children have attended the Montessori School Syracuse (MSS) since they were 3 years old. Our oldest graduated from 6th grade last year, our middle child is now in 5th grade and our youngest in 1st. We never intended to keep them there past kindergarten, but the more we learned about Montessori education and MSS in particular, the more we loved it. MSS graduates are far ahead of their classmates from other schools academically when they enter 7th grade, but it is the non-academic stuff we love most about MSS. The multi-age classrooms and open environment (no desks, no front of the classroom) provide lots of opportunities for the kids to learn to work together, to think independently and to lead. The music program is phenomenal. The community is great.”

MSS Parent

“My daughter has become a solid public speaker, and advocate for herself in her new classroom (she graduated from MSS last year). We attribute these skills to her experience with the staff, curriculum, and extracurricular activities over her three years with MSS. Her ability to be a strong advocate for her own needs has been remarked on by her teachers, as she’s comfortable approaching them for help, works well on group assignments, and adds to classroom discussions regularly.”

MSS Parent

“Our son just graduated after 8 years in Montessori. He has transitioned to Middle School and is doing great academically with a 97 average. In addition to academics, the school has a strong emphasis on music and arts and we credit his teachers with instilling his love for playing piano and saxophone, singing, and acting, as well as the confidence to speak and perform in public. More importantly, our son has a real love for learning that we believe was fostered during his years at Montessori. This is a great school with caring and dedicated teachers. We are grateful for their role in nurturing our son’s growth and development. I would recommend this school to anyone.”

Brian C. – MSS Parent

“When I hear horror stories about chaotic and overcrowded classrooms, stressed teachers, persistent troublemakers, indifferent administrators and (shudder) the Common Core, I thank my lucky stars for Montessori School of Syracuse.”

MSS Parent

“Excellent School. We’ve been to Montessori schools in different states and different countries. The Directress at this school is one of the kindest, caring leaders we’ve ever encountered. The Montessori materials are taught in true Montessori fashion and the children each learn at their individual pace.”

MSS Parent

“We have two children at MSS and I really can’t imagine them thriving as well anywhere else in Syracuse. One of our children is very advanced academically, but he is getting the individual attention to stay challenged. I’ve always felt that the administration and the teachers have been very accommodating and genuinely interested in our children’s success. We had initially put our children in the primary program uncertain about whether they would continue to the elementary classes. Now, we’re convinced we should keep them at MSS as long as possible. Teachers and administrators aside, our children’s classmates are confident, articulate, curious, and intelligent. I think the best way to see for yourself about the school is to visit the school during the Open House events. Talk with the students there. It’s a great learning atmosphere where the children are actively involved in helping one another.”

MSS Parent

“We sent both of our kids to MSS. It has been a joy to see them grow and develop several characteristics that will help them succeed throughout their lives. The kids leave MSS with self-confidence, independence, conflict resolution skills and lifelong friends. In addition, they seem to really enjoy learning. Our daughter graduated two years ago and has excelled in middle school. Our son will graduate next year. My kids are very different from each other, but we are convinced that it has been the best environment for both. The faculty and staff have been wonderful- they go above and beyond for each child. I would highly recommend MSS to anyone.”

Michael C. – MSS Parent

“We have had a child at the Montessori School of Syracuse since the Fall of 2009. In the Spring of 2015, our second son will complete the Primary level (ending with kindergarten) and next year our third son will finish the Primary as well. We now have a third grader in public school and he entered leaps and bounds ahead of the expected reading and math levels, but more importantly, his passion for learning and his extreme curiosity had been nurtured at MSS and have been continuing ever since. In 2016, our fourth son will start at the Primary level. I cannot think of anywhere else I would want my children to begin their educational journey.”

Jordan K. – MSS Parent

“We discovered MSS in 2009 and now have 3 children at the school (grades 4, 1 & K). We have all been very happy with MSS. Our kids’ teachers are fantastic. We like the fact that our kids remain in the same multi-age classroom for three years. Their teachers really get to know them and how they each best learn to give them a more personalized education. Montessori encourages independence and responsibility and gives kids the opportunity to progress at their own pace so that they are neither rushed nor bored. It is a good balance of structure vs independence that I know will serve them well in the future. More than that, the Montessori philosophy of following the child helps each child develop confidence in themselves and their unique abilities. About once a month kids in the elementary grades (1-6) get to go to the land lab, an outdoor classroom, which my kids absolutely love. It is just one small way that the school incorporates hands-on, real-life learning. The MSS community is small and wonderful and welcoming. It is truly a great place to begin an education.”

Jaimie C. – MSS Parent

“Both our boys went through Pre-School and Elementary at Montessori School of Syracuse. It was the best gift we could ever give to our children. They have developed a lifelong love of learning. Montessori gave them the skills to be fully engaged in their knowledge acquisition. Both our boys are grounded young men who are curious, compassionate, and driven to make the world around them better for everyone. The faculty and community surrounding Montessori School of Syracuse makes for an ideal learning opportunity in grace and courtesy and lifelong love of learning.”

Michele T. – MSS Parent

“Our children have been a part of the MSS community for over 8 years now. They benefit from being there every step of the way, from Pre-K through Upper Elementary (4th-6th grade). The attention and care put into planning the classroom setting and programs, along with the individualized attention delivered by the teachers – throughout ALL grade levels – is nothing short of extraordinary! How to quantify the quality of life and joy of learning our children are gaining at MSS may be incalculable. The sense of community and belonging, self-esteem, responsibility, personal growth, purpose, self-motivated learning and happiness our kids experience while at MSS is invaluable and will certainly support them throughout their lives.”

Zac R. & Kara W. – MSS Parents

“We have three children, two who have graduated and one who will be entering the upper elementary classroom next year. MSS has served our family well. The unique learning environment has provided the children with the opportunity to grow and acquire skills they will use the rest of their life. The well-rounded curriculum helps a child build social and cognitive thinking skills, as well as the pride and self-confidence to succeed. When our oldest son started at MSS we knew it was the perfect place for him. It was an environment which allowed him to grow as an independent learner. We weren’t sure when the time came for our oldest daughter to attend, but she found her place there and excelled. Needless to say, it was a “No Brainer” where the youngest child would continue her educational journey. Without a doubt I can honestly say if we had to do it all over again…Wouldn’t do anything different!”

Ted E. & Selina L. – MSS Parents

“Like adults, children learn when they are interested in what they are learning. And the only way to be sure that they are interested in what they are learning is to give them some choice over how and when they learn new things. This is how the Montessori School of Syracuse (MSS) works, and does it ever work! Our two oldest sons graduated from MSS three and five years ago and our youngest son will graduate next year. The school administrators and the teachers are all fantastic. The supportive atmosphere they have provided from the school’s foundation has led to the creation of a beautiful community of teachers, parents, graduates, and students. We will be forever grateful for the education and community MSS provides.”

Nat D. – MSS Parent

“The Montessori School of Syracuse is a treasure in our community! We sent our three girls to Montessori and could not have been happier with the experience each time. What a wonderful teaching curriculum. The teachers and staff became like family to us! We love that the girls learned hands on mathematical concepts, were exposed to a breadth of curricula that included geography (!) and developed a strong desire to acquire knowledge. They also understand time management and independent learning. Even more importantly, Montessori helped to develop them as good people and good global citizens. The oldest, who recently graduated from public high school, mentioned recently, “Montessori was great! It taught me to be a better person. The public school talks about these things, but it’s not the same. At Montessori, you really learn it!” We are grateful for the school and the staff that played a very positive role in the development of our children. I will continue to recommend the school to all our friends!”

Anne & John S. – MSS Parents

“Both of our children have been at MSS for 5 years so far and I can’t imagine a better learning environment for them. The Montessori philosophy of child-lead learning in multi-age classrooms, paired with the school’s focus on peace and inclusiveness, allows for a truly remarkable educational experience. Our children are not just learning factual knowledge and how to be independent thinkers, but also how to be good friends and good citizens of the world. We are extremely grateful for the multitude of non-academic experiences that are offered such as 45 minutes of daily recess, trips to Land lab, and lessons on grace and courtesy. Lastly, we are thankful to be part of a community of like-minded families and do greatly value the friendships we have created.”

Heather B. – MSS Parent

“I was a member of the MSS Family for 15 years – all three of my children attended this school from preschool all the way through sixth grade. My children felt loved here – the teachers are all so caring and passionate about what they do. The education they received was tailored to their individual learning styles and they were taught about the world and to be inclusive of all cultures. Montessori is about teaching the whole child – about showing children how to be independent, peaceful, and caring people – that is who my children are today. Forever in your debt, Mom!”

Angela M. – MSS Parent

“We are always impressed with the students from the Montessori School of Syracuse. The incoming 7th graders from MSS come to CBA highly motivated with a strong academic foundation, an inquisitive spirit and a love of learning.”

Kathleen H., Christian Brothers Academy Director of Admissions

“MPH students who came to us from the Montessori School of Syracuse have well developed social skills that directly contribute to leadership. One example is their training in conflict resolution. I have observed these skills in action on multiple occasions and marveled at its use by a middle schooler!”

Liza M. – Manlius Pebble Hill Librarian

“…The MSS students who have come to us always acclimate very well, as they are eager to explore the arts, activities, and sports that we offer, along with being well prepared academically. On a social level, the students become part of a significantly larger group of classmates which further enriches personal development and growth….”

Holly D. – Christian Brothers Academy Director

“Graduates from the 6th grade at the Montessori School of Syracuse are some of the most creative, self-reliant, and engaged students I’ve had the pleasure to teach.”

Alex L. – Manlius Pebble Hill Dean of Students

“I went to MSS until I graduated in 6th grade. MSS does more than teach the material required by NY State, it instills a love of learning in children. I loved going to school, and begged my mom to take me there earlier. I loved doing work in the morning and all of my specialty classes, like Music and French, in the afternoon. I loved my teachers, I loved the faculty, and I loved my classmates. Some parents are worried about MSS because there’s a lack of tests and reports cards, but I went on to graduate high honors from CBA and I am now a dual major in Newhouse and Whitman at SU and am on the Deans List of both schools. I am not an exception. I went to their annual Gala two years ago and found out that 100% of the graduating sixth levels that year went on to be on the honor roll at their next school. MSS is a great school with a great community. I feel lucky that my mom valued my education enough to send me to MSS and I would recommend it to any parents.”

Carly G., MSS Alumni

“In many ways, the first school you attend is the most important because it forms your attitude toward work and education in general. My years at Montessori were essential in letting me see learning as an entertaining and essential part of life rather than just something needed to pass a test. It was precisely this form of independent motivation that allowed me to complete the International Baccalaureate program at Corcoran High School and pursue independent research through the honors program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. At Montessori they aren’t just teaching you how to succeed academically, but how to be an inquisitive and resourceful person in all parts of your life.”

Max E., MSS Alumni

“I attended MSS from Pre-K through 6th grade and remember wishing it continued when I graduated. Montessori fostered my love of learning and instilled intellectual curiosity in me at a young age. While the academics were excellent, I found that MSS valued the development of their student’s whole being, rather than solely focusing on their students’ grades. MSS helped me develop many skills, such as strong leadership, conflict resolution, and effective communication—skills which helped me become a self-starter throughout high school, college, and beyond.”

Laura F., MSS Alumni

“I went to MSS for seven wonderful years. It gave me friends, great experiences, and, most of all, a community I still connect with today. I was glad to have such a terrific school to learn and grow at; I wouldn’t trade those years there for anything in the world.”

Isabelle E., MSS Alumni